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228 Church RdHarold, Kentucky 41635
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Blue Bee is located in Harold KY The shop opened October 24, 2009.  Our GRAND Opening was December 12, 2009.    
         So many friends and family are helping BlueBee get started. It is with their support and yours that we continue to grow.
         My beautiful niece, Destiny seems to have all the business answers with each phone call. My best friend in the world, Donna Burgett made the first purchase, but her support and advice continue to be invaluable.  A very special thank you to Charlene Hopkins and the Pikeville Quilting Group. To Louella and Delanna, the Pike County Public Library and Belfry Branch who understand my love for teaching. And to my husband, thanks because he knows my passion for quilting.
      We want BlueBee to be your online source and store for excellent fabrics, home-made quilts, gifts and more! Our goal is always to provide exceptional service and top-quality goods. Service will be quick and friendly. Feel free to email
with questions or special requests. Remember to sign our online Guest Book.
     Thank you for your visit. Have a blessed day.
     Becky Preece













"Blue Bee Quilting began as an ecommerce business in June 2009 and a vision of becoming a storefront locally. That vision quickly became a reality in October when Blue Bee found a “home”.

“My love for the art of quilting was my sole purpose to begin my business. I am blessed to live in Pike County where I am surrounded by talented quilters and others that appreciate “handmade” quality.

Blue Bee specialize in quality quilting fabrics, quilting services, craft and sewing supplies. 

As a newly established business, my landlords Betty Jo and Roger Ratliff recommended that I join the Pike County Chamber. I am so glad that I took their advice. The Chamber provides a wealth of resources for all business members. - As a new member, I now have a greater appreciation and understand that the Chamber's directors, other members, and staff are working hard to keep Pike County on the leading edge of the development of the county's economic, educational, social, and recreational resources.












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